Level 1 – Valuation

A Level 1 valuation is a brief report that provides our assessment of the value of the property and highlights anything we believe requires further investigation; this could be related to structural or legal issues. A valuation is not a survey of the property.

What's covered in a Level 1 Report

External inspection
  • Evidence of major problems e.g. structural movement
  • Evidence of major defects
  • Roof coverings from ground level only
Internal inspection
  • General inspection
  • Damp tests (limited tests in accessible areas)
  • Visual inspection of services, such as electrical equipment or central heating, but no tests are undertaken
Report contains:
  • Identify main construction
  • Local issues e.g. mining
  • Other factors e.g. legal matters
  • Valuation advice
  • Insurance valuation (subject to lender requirements)

A property valuation could be suitable if:

  1. You are buying a new home - where the property has a guarantee such as an NHBC ten year warranty
  2. You are remortgaging - where you already own the property and are aware of its condition

If you are remortgaging or taking out a mortgage to buy a new home, your mortgage provider normally obtains a valuation to assess the property's suitability for mortgage purposes. This is not a survey and may not contain important information regarding the condition of the property.

If you are purchasing a previously occupied property, it is our recommendation that you seriously consider a product that provides an assessment of both the property's condition and value i.e. a Level 2 or Level 3 Survey. Valuations are not automatically available on a Level 3 Survey.

Your lender will normally instruct a valuation when you take out a mortgage.

Other reports and valuations we offer

Level 2 – Survey & Valuation

Level 3 – Building Survey

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