Level 2 – Survey & Valuation

This is an intermediate level of report. As well as providing our assessment of the value of the property we will carry out a survey on the property and report on its condition. The report provides an outline of the condition of the property on the day of inspection and also highlights the urgency of repairs.

What's covered in a Level 2 Report

External inspection
  • Evidence of major problems e.g. structural movement
  • Evidence of major defects
  • Roof coverings - pitched roofs from ground level and with binoculars, flat roofs if visible from within property and using a ladder up to 3m height
  • Drain inspection – accessible drain covers are lifted
Internal inspection
  • General inspection
  • Damp tests – damp readings taken to accessible areas
  • Heavy furniture not moved
  • Roof space inspected – with reasonable access
  • Doors/window operation - sample checked if not locked or painted shut
  • Visual inspection of services, such as electrical equipment or central heating
Report contains:
  • Identify construction
  • Local issues e.g. mining
  • Other factors e.g. legal matters
  • Advice on urgency of repairs
  • Valuation advice
  • Insurance valuation

A Level 2 could be suitable if:

  1. You are buying a previously occupied property as we carry out an internal and external inspection - giving you more information on the condition of the property.
  2. You feel you need peace of mind - we take a closer look at the property and report on issues to give you more detail than just an assessment of value.
  3. You want a stronger bargaining position - you may be able to negotiate with the seller if you have better knowledge of the property. A Level 2 could save you money.
  4. You need personal advice - you can discuss any specific issues or concerns directly with your surveyor.

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