Level 3 – Building Survey

This is the most comprehensive type of residential survey providing a detailed assessment of a property’s condition. The Building Survey report will describe the construction of the property, comment on the condition of each element, highlighting matters of concern and will advise if further investigations by a specialist are required.

What's covered in a Level 3 Report

External inspection – level of detail by arrangement with the surveyor
  • Evidence of major problems e.g. structural movement
  • Evidence of major defects
  • Roof coverings
  • Drain inspection
Internal inspection - level of detail by arrangement with the surveyor
  • Damp tests – damp readings taken to accessible areas
  • Heavy furniture not moved
  • Roof space inspected – with reasonable access
  • Sub-floor space inspected
  • Doors/window operation checked
  • Visual inspection of services, such as electrical equipment or central heating
Report contains:
  • Identify construction
  • Local issues e.g. mining
  • Other factors e.g. legal matters
  • Advice on urgency of repairs
  • Valuation advice – by arrangement with surveyor
  • Insurance valuation – by arrangement with surveyor

A Level 3 could be suitable if:

  1. You are buying a previously occupied property as we carry out an internal and external inspection - giving you more information on the condition of the property.
  2. You feel you need peace of mind - we take a closer look at the property and report on issues to give you more detail than just an assessment of value.
  3. You want a stronger bargaining position - you may be able to negotiate with the seller if you have better knowledge of the property.
  4. You need personal advice - you can discuss any specific issues or concerns directly with your surveyor.

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